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Hello I'm Rmaximus, creator of My New Neighbors.

One day a normal town's routine is shattered when a family of nudists  moves next door to our main characters. Who are these strange people and how will they change his world forever.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(46 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAdult, Erotic, harem, Male protagonist


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Google Drive
Windows 1.05 to 1.10 update file
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Love the game but when is 1.15 going to be available to download?

Love the game.  I have a question though.  Do you have a Discord, Rmaximus?


Stop using unsupported download sites.

Here are Itchio's compatibility guides:



Please use a supported method, so updates can be downloaded directly through the app.


can you make it downloadable for the itchio app?

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There´s a bug in 1.05 that brakes the phone!

Please upvote to help people stuck!

The thing that´s causing the issue is the character "Martha", she´s the older black (no racism just want to help explain who it is) lady with grey hair that you interact with later in the game, her daughter dances with one of the sisters. 

The bug from what I can see in the RenPy crash screen has to do with her being in a “state” that brakes the game, she goes in to that state after you first interact with her but it´s fixed after you interact with her a second time which you do by going to the “Megan´s Home” which only pops up at certain times, you interact with her, go through some story and that fixed the phone for me.

Have you tried in the 1.10 build? There's a dedicated download to patch the game...

Ooh, I actually cempletely missed that, will have to give that a try, specially since the game actually completely broke on me when I got close to the end.

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After a Long time in Game i think it would be a good thing to Save and quit the game, then using that save start again from that save. I say that because i have found that if you do not save every Hour or so you get a Bug that when you go to the Map all that you see is Your Home!!

Great Game otherwise

I think that it would be a good idea to let us download the game in chunks because some people with slow internet speeds or who don't want to pay for Mega are rather screwed at the moment and this looks like a baller game. I really don't want to miss out on this, but as of right now it is outside of my capability to download. Something like 2.5 Gigabyte chunks would be far more reasonable for what I have. I don't know if something would break if you did this, but I would appreciate it if some arraignment could be made so that I could try this.

What do you mean when it says "no more content for now"? Asking since you also have "no more content in this version" for one of the ladies.


Is it possible to make this downloadable on the itch.io app?

How can i trigger new events? I already played a bid, but  i triggered them just random... Do i have to find the right time + place or for example kiss 10x etc.?

the game wont even start when i download it

I'm having a problem with the two smiths because when i go through the first time meeting them. it doesn't allow me to check the phone at all afterward it just shows a big error message that i cannot go through. hopefully in the next update it gets fixed because i love to see their content. and yes i know i can try to go through it with no hints but id much rather say this issue here and wait until its fixed. i love the game and i'm looking forward to seeing this game through.

I've been looking for that program with the renders of girls for a long time I've been trying to make a visual novel for a long time.

hey i enjoy the game a lot, but apparently all the Marta files have become corrupt. Preventing the game from opening or installing after redownloading. Sorry for the trouble


this game is very bad the characters show that they are recycled the animation seems very bad has no sound and it develops poorly the environments are usually the same without any grace they look like a still photo. because they only worked on the models of the characters that are horrible and as I said recycled and to weigh 9 gigabytes I did not expect something better horrible not recommended.


almost every one of these complaints boil down to the fact that this is a mostly fresh release on itch. coming into this expecting a full product is insane. for the staggering amount of content the game does have, having no sound or rough environments is extremely acceptable, especially consider the amount of games on itch that are years old with less than half of the content this has.

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A madlad done an Android port of this game (current version) from 9GB to around 900MB/1GB with a sacrifice in quality.


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Regarding the port, there are some fixes need to be made. But for the person who created the port. It's a friend of sensitiveusername, you can join sens server and ask Moog (who created the port to Android) regarding the development of the port.

Edit: Moog created a Discord server in case if anyone wanted something to be ported. https://discord.gg/EpPDDtgF


Is there still NTR on the harem path? (I do not do well with NTR...)


Following as I have the same issue.

what is NTR?

Cheating plots often with non concent and sad outcomes

Netorare, which is more or less when someone cheats on you. Used a lot in hentai tropes for a character getting his crush/gf/wife stolen by some other guy.

i THINK i did 100% current (1.01), and no NTR on harem path. I believe the NTR path is going to be when the MC's first choice is to try to defy the neighbors and they use NTR to turn the rest of the girls away from him.

does that mean if you never defy the neighbors there will be no NTR on either path?

your first major choice is to either defy or to aid the neighbors, which sets the course of doing the harem or NTR path, though the only available path right now is harem.

Can someone port this to android id pay $9.99 for this but want it for android 

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Can't download the file from either platform.
Mega says i have to download the app (and i don't want to).
Google never lets me download anything saying the file is too high in demand.

So yeah, your game seemed cool but i won't even get to try it.

A solution to download issues would be to cut your file in parts. Compressing it -more if it is compressed already- could also be a solution. But that's additional work so i'd totally understand that you wouldn't bother if not that many people complain.

Is there a way to change the roommate to sister and  landlady to  mom or something? 

google it. think its like "inc patch" or something like that

id love to download it and check it out but mega stops downloading at around 5 gigs and google drive just doesn't allow for the download in general. Is it possible to use mediafire


mega download continue after around 3 hours waiting. It shoud show a counter when the download pauses

The correct sentence would be "Mega download MAY continue after around 3 hours waiting."
For some files it works, for others it loops. I guess it depends on how many download request the file gets. If Mega can push you to get an abonement cause the file is in high demand they will definitely try.


Ok that's true, but it still should continue at some point.


got hit with a pretty big bug, after completing Cammy's story checkpoint, the one where you have to leave her house to trigger, the clock was no longer there, couldn't go to sleep, can't interact with the other girls, and all the locations bleed together as either the map screen or a random girls room, I accidentally overwrote my save file and now I have to start over.

So this isn't mobile friendly?


I don't write a lot of comments but wow, don't know where you have been, but I have only been playing for bout 8 hours and still have not completed what you have so far. There are devs that have been stringing people along for over 3 years that don't have this much content. Cant say enough about it, funny, sexy, not a bunch of grinding on same thing. Keep up the awesome work.

Yo is there a patch for this

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Either this game is MASSIVE or we gotta figure out some better compression. 9GB is a lot(especially through MEGA which will take a day or 2 to download it because of the limit and G Drive doesn't even show the file) and I want to give it a try but 9GB tells me to wait until later when its a smaller file


Yea, this is not another itch crappy little demo, this game and the animations are about the best I have seen in over 2 years on this site that lets any crappy little dev with malware post.


I've been playing for hours.  Loads of fun.  Will you add some kind of option to not increase the girls size when we increase their corruption level?  I didn't mind Lucy's look at the start...


Just a heads up there might be spoilers here

WOW!  This is wow, the amount of work you have done on this game is amazing. Trust me, you should be really proud of your work. I love how you even mention the idea of pregnancy. And how rare it is for demons to get pregnant. Because I was even wondering that give the two demon sisters. But since there is a mention of pregnancy, would that be a feature in the future? 


Thank you and yes, I plan to add pregnancy in the future.


9gb wtf